Our Story

Sun Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Guillermo Perales, starting with one Golden Corral unit, and funded by an SBA loan. The company has been ranked as the 4th largest franchisee in the U.S. by Mega 99 2018 Rankings. We have developed a portfolio that operates over 800 Locations in 8 States creating more than 15,000 jobs. Today, the organization operates 298 Burger King, 142 Popeyes, 87 Arby's, 21 Golden Corral, 31 Cici's Pizza, 20 Krispy Kreme, 135 T-Mobile, and 85 GNC locations, 3 restaurants in various airports, as well as approximately 160 real estate units and over 20 parcels of land for future restaurants. 

Sun Holdings, Inc. is a developing company that is always seeking new opportunities and is currently considering potential shopping centers.


Our mission is to create great locations and facilities, so each unit operates at its maximum potential to satisfy our customers' demands, and exceed their quality expectations in the products and services each brand offers. As we continue to grow and expand we want to hire dedicated staff and run a proficient business.


Our vision is to become the number one franchise holding in the United States. We plan on doing this by expanding our businesses and ensuring happiness among our customers. To ensure this happens, we build our teams to be decisive, observant, and goal-oriented. 


    Guillermo Perales | CEO and founder