Sun Holdings, Inc. Acquires Three Krispy Kreme Units; 15 New Units To Come

Sun Holdings, Inc. and Krispy Kreme have announced the acquisition and transfer of three corporate-owned Krispy Kreme locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex to Dulce Restaurants, a newly created Sun Holdings subsidiary. In addition to the three acquisitions, Sun Holdings will also develop 15 new Krispy Kreme locations in the DFW market over the following five years. 

The acquisition signals the start of a new era for Sun Holdings and it's sole owner, Guillermo Perales. Perales is excited for this new venture and has great confidence in the brand.

"What an amazing opportunity, I'm very fortunate to be part of this new business relationship," Perales said. "My kids think Krispy Kreme serves the best doughnuts in the world and they ask to go to the stores daily."

The full Krispy Kreme press release can be found here.